Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why God never received a PHD

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Rbanai said...

His Word is Original
It is in All Languages
It has reference to All Walks of Life
God is the Referee
Some doubt but many have faith in His Word and Teaching and follow it.
God asks of us to commit to Him and Believe and have Faith, allowing us to experience every part of Human life
His Blessings are Memorable and Full of Awe
Scientists can get things wrong and study endlessly - there are neverending questions to answer for
God will do what He shall by His own will and Power
He shall do what He must to make the earth abundant in Beauty and fruitfulness for us to Live in
He calls us to Study and be Teachers of His Law
He takes great pride in all of us as His Children to be great people like Teachers
He is Almighty and Powerful to Reign over the Earth that is His -
God calls us to reach the Peak - or our Potential - that we may reflect our learning and understanding and growth spiritually. God brings us to the mountain-top to display and express our talents, gifts, and our potential.
God works well with all of us at His side - doing what His Son did on Earth - What it means to Live Life to the max as Jesus did.