Friday, March 2, 2012

Call for Participation: ImageCLEF 2012

ImageCLEF provides an evaluation forum for the cross language annotation and retrieval of images.

Motivated by the need to support multilingual users from a global community accessing the ever growing body of visual information, the main goal of ImageCLEF is to support the advancement of the field of visual media analysis, indexing, classification, and retrieval. To this end, ImageCLEF develops the necessary infrastructure for the evaluation of visual information retrieval systems operating in both monolingual, cross-language and language-independent contexts and provides reusable resources for such benchmarking purposes.

ImageCLEF 2012 is part of CLEF 2012 ( and organizes four main tasks:

- Medical Image Classification and Retrieval

- Photo Annotation and Retrieval

- Plant identification

- Robot Vision

There will also be an additional pilot task on Personal Photo Retrieval.

Registration is now open! Information on the registration process and this year's tasks can be found at:

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