Saturday, January 3, 2009

ImageCLEF 2009

ImageCLEF is the cross-language image retrieval track run as part of the Cross Language Evaluation Forum (CLEF) campaign. This track evaluates retrieval of images described by text captions based on queries in a different language; both text and image matching techniques are potentially exploitable.

The details of all the databases for ImageCLEF 2009 will still need to be defined. Registration will open in early February and registration forms will be available from the CLEF web pages.
The following tasks are planned in 2009:

* a photographic retrieval task,
* a medical retrieval task,
* a robotic image visual task,
* a medical automatic image annotation task, and
* an image retrieval task from a collection of wikipedia images.

More information on the details of these tasks will follow shortly.

The exact schedule will depend on the individual tasks and is still subject to changes as we have not yet received the copyright for all databases we would like to use.
A tentative global schedule can be found here (please look at the page of each task for more details):
* 15.1.2009 : registration opens for all CLEF tasks
* 15.3.2009 : data release
* 15.4.2009 : topic release
* 15.5.2009 : submission of runs
* 15.7.2009 : release of results
* 15.8.2009 : submission of working notes papers
* 30.9-2.10.2009 : CLEF workshop in Corfu, Greece

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