Saturday, January 3, 2009

VideOlympics 2009

VideOlympics Showcase
Demo sessions of video retrieval systems are ideal venues to disseminate scientific results. Existing demo sessions, however, fail to engage the audience fully. Real-time evaluation of several video retrieval systems in a single showcase increases impact. Encouraged by the success of previous editions, we will again organize a VideOlympics showcase at the ACM International Conference on Image and Video Retrieval.
The major aim of the VideOlympics is to promote video retrieval research. An additional main goal of the VideOlympics is giving the audience a good perspective on the possibilities and limitations of the current state-of-the-art systems. Where traditional evaluation campaigns like TRECVID focus primarily on the effectiveness of collected retrieval results, the VideOlympics also allows to take into account the influence of interaction mechanisms and the advanced visualizations in the interface. Specifically, we aim for a showcase that goes beyond the regular demo session: it should be fun to do for the participants and fun to watch for the conference audience. For all these reasons, the VideOlympics should only have winners. Similar to previous years, a number of TRECVID participants will simultaneously do an interactive search task during the VideOlympics showcase event.

New in 2009
For the first time, we will include in the 2009 edition of the VideOlympics a round with novice users, in addition to the round with expert users. The novice users will be selected from a group of high-school teenagers from the island of Santorini, for whom it can be assumed that they have a decent English language level. Moreover it is allowed to provide each novice user with a short training session with your video search engine (amount to be defined).

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