Monday, February 2, 2009

Image Comparer

Bolide Software today announces Image Comparer, a duplicate image finder that lets users find similar or duplicate images automatically and delete redundant files. Until now, most people used to browse through computer folders manually to find dupes and similar photos. Image Comparer puts this process on autopilot. Using a content-based image retrieval technology (CBIR) for image comparison, the program is able to find dupes and similar pictures, regardless of their file name, format, image size, bit depth and orientation of the object.

Taking photos or downloading images from the Web is part of our daily life. Over the years, people collect thousands of them in the computer - photos made with the camera, wallpapers, clipart, images and artwork, the list goes on and on. Unfortunately all these images are hardly ever kept organized. People save them to different folders in different formats and then re-save their copies to other folders and sub folders. Photo duplicates take space on the hard disk, slow browsing through the collection and cause confusion as too many times we wind up not remembering where we put that particular photo we need now. Browsing through folders to compare images can be very daunting and would take ages, so many users don’t do this, planning to sort out pictures later. And never do this.

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