Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Photo & Video Viewer with Encryption Capability

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I've tried a few image viewer utilities out there but couldn't find one that really fits my preference, so I've decided to write up one for my own use. I've got all the functionality I need but would like to get input from experts out there on a few issues.

The Problems with Common Image Utilities

  • Load photos as a thumbnail list with no option to switch to simple file name list. This would take forever when the folder contains several hundreds of photos. This is very common when unloading photos taken from a digital camera that has 1GB+ SD card.
  • The thumbnail list would reside in a wide view pane that takes up valuable view space for the main image plus the annoying double click to open a photo in the main view, then close and double click on another.

The Utility Features

There are too many features to list but the general idea is to make the photo list as narrow as possible and the main view as large as possible. Selecting a photo would display it in the main view using the default "Fit to screen" so user can see the whole picture without having to scroll right/down. A photo taken from a 6 mega pixels digital camera is typically 2576 x 1932 resolution. Once a photo is selected, the listview has focus and subsequent photo can be viewed by simply pressing the up/down key to select next/previous file.

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