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Xcavator is a new type of search engine which utilizes visual clues that you provide to identify and extract similar pictures from large groups of digital images. To provide clues you first select a reference image, and then identify within it visual elements that you want to become your visual search query specifications. You do this by clicking one or more individual points on the reference image while excavator samples them and their surrounding are to determine the unique traits, characteristics and visual patterns present in each of the reference points. Then in real-time excavator displays as many "matching" images to your visual specifications as possible.
To note is the fact that you can progressively add new specs and eliminate them while you see corresponding visual matches being displayed on-screen in real-time. This allows the user to quickly learn and understand excavator sensitivity and abilities, making the learning curve rather flat.
Excavator utilizes the enormous and free Flickr/Yahoo digital image library to perform its impressive capabilities.
The one showcased here is only a first release. More advanced functionalities and tools for Excavator will be released in the near future.

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