Thursday, June 11, 2009

Multimedia Tools and Applications (Springer) Special Issue on Social Media Mining and Search

Recent years have witnessed the proliferation of social media and the success of many social websites, including  Flickr,  Youtube, MySpace,  Facebook,  Zooomr, etc.  These websites  allow users not only  to create and share media data but also to rate and annotate them. On the one hand, the rapid increase of  social  media  data  makes  many  related  applications  challenging,  such  as  categorization,
recommendation and search. On the other hand, the rich  information clues associated with the data also  offer  us  opportunities  to  attack many  well-recognized  difficulties  encountered  in multimedia analysis and understanding, e.g., insufficiency of labeled data for semantic learning.  
Recently, more and more research efforts have been dedicated to the aforementioned challenges and opportunities.    This  special  issue  aims  to  introduce  novel  techniques,  algorithms  and  systems regarding social media mining and search. Topics of interest include but not limited to:

· Social media creation, including editing, authoring, sharing, etc.
· Social media analysis and organization, including grouping, classification, indexing, navigation, etc.
· Social media search, including new search interface, query suggestion and expansion, ranking, search results presentation and browsing, etc.
· Social media tagging, including new tagging interface, tag recommendation, tag classification, tag filtering, automatic tagging, etc. 
· Social media-based advertisement.
· Social media-based  knowledge mining,  such  as  learning models  from  tagged data, building lexicon/ontology from tags, and user interests/trends/relationships mining.  
· Social context-based applications, such as media recommendation and collaborative filtering
·  Social media benchmark dataset construction for research.

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