Thursday, June 25, 2009

Unifying Semantic Annotation and Querying in Biomedical image Repositories

Daniel Sonntag, Manuel Möller: “Unifying Semantic Annotation and Querying in Biomedical Iimage Repositories”, to appear in Proc. of the International Conference on Knowledge Management and Information Sharing (KMIS), Madeira, 6 - 8 October, 2009, Portugal, [PDF]

Abstract: In the medical domain, semantic image retrieval can provide the basis for a new generation of sophisticated decision support and computer aided diagnosis systems. However, the acquisition of the necessary medical knowledge about the image contents poses new problems. We present a set of techniques for annotating images and querying image data sets, based on image semantics.  The unification of semantic annotation (using a GUI) and querying (using natural dialogue) in biomedical image repositories is based on a unified view on the knowledge acquisition process. At the core, this system uses central RDF repository to capture both medical domain knowledge as well as image annotations. We understand medical knowledge engineering as an interactive process between the knowledge engineer and the clinician. Our system supports the knowledge engineering in an interactive process between the dialogue engineer and the clinician.

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