Thursday, June 11, 2009

Multimedia Tools and Applications (MTAP) An International Journal Special Issue on “Data Hiding for Multimedia Security”

The digital information revolution has brought profound changes in our daily lives and the advantages of digital information have also generated new challenges and opportunities for their protection. Due to the tremendous advances in signal processing and transmission techniques, it is easy to acquire, tamper and duplicate multimedia data. For the last two decades, digital data hiding has received a great deal of attention from the scientific community  to overcome the aforementioned problems. Remarkable research efforts have been invested in recent years, trying
to export novel and applied real world engineering applications.  This special issue intents to bring together diversity of international researchers, experts  and practitioners who are currently working in the area of digital data hiding systems. It is envisaged that  this special issue will explore the advances of methods, techniques, and tools in solving the unsolved questions in digital data hiding. Prominent researchers both from academia and industry are invited to contribute their work for extending the existing knowledge in the field. 

Research areas of relevance to this special issue would therefore include, but not only limited to:
•  Digital watermarking
•  Steganology (steganography and steganalysis)
•  Information theoretic analysis of data hiding systems
•  Data hiding in law enforcement, medicine, military, E-commerce, and M-commerce
•  Fingerprinting in multimedia signals
•  Data hiding for forensic applications
•  Integrity verification and authentication
•  Digital content protection
•  Tampering and attacks on original information
•  Data hiding system design and implementation
•  Digital rights management
•  Content identification and secure content delivery

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