Sunday, August 23, 2009

Maxthon Tests Tear-off Video For New Browser Feature

Beijing – Maxthon International is testing a feature for its award-winning browser that would allow users to watch two Internet videos at the same time, or detach videos that continue to play while the user works on a different Web page.

When the Float button is enabled in Maxthon’s configuration panel, a small button labeled “Detach Video” appears in the upper right corner of any video when it’s played. Clicking the button makes Maxthon detach the video from the rest of the page. The user can drag it anywhere on his screen–or to a second screen–and it will continue to play as the user surfs other pages.

video button

The detached video automatically is set to stay on top of other windows, but it can be hidden by clicking a push-pin button.  When the video window is closed Maxthon reattaches it to the original Web page.

Maxthon developers said that they did not know when the feature would be added to browser, but they said it already is very stable.

Detached video
Floating Windows Let Users Watch Video While Surfing at a Different Web Site

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