Sunday, August 23, 2009

Numenta Vision Toolkit

The Numenta Vision Toolkit allows you to easily create, train and optimize an HTM Network for categorizing images. No development skills required.

Beta 2 is now available. The Toolkit can now search the web for images and download them into your project. It greatly accelerates the process of collecting data. This release also includes many bug fixes, and all current Toolkit users should upgrade. Download the new version below.

The Numenta Vision Toolkit is a graphical application that lets you train an HTM on your own images. You can use the trained system to recognize new images. The Toolkit does not require any programming.

The bulk of the effort is in collecting and preparing your training images. To accelerate this process, the Toolkit can now search the web for images and download them automatically. You will still need to spend time selecting and cleaning up your training images. Your training images should be uncluttered, so you may need to use the mask tool in the Toolkit to remove distracting objects. Refer to the [tutorial] for more information.

Once you have trained an HTM, you can upload it to Numenta Web Services. Then you can access it online and even use it in a web or mobile application.

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