Friday, August 14, 2009

Visual Information MAnagement

VIMA (Visual Information MAnagement) licenses image filtering software and image search software to solution providers who require accurate and real-time image content filtering to block pornographic images or who are looking to add the most advanced image search refinement methodology to their large image collections.   VIMA is a leader in visual search technology and image content filtering.

VIMA's Pornographic image blocking modules are the most accurate, the quickest in execution, and have the smallest software footprint among all alternatives.   We have achieved this by incorporating our proprietary image feature extraction, the latest machine learning technology, our proprietary indexing schema designed specifically for visual features, and the most advanced adaptive learning methods.   VIMA's technology is ideal for those solution providers who want to emphasize multi-modal image filtering and image search solutions that incorporate each image's visual character together with other existing metadata to create the perceptually most accurate image categorization, image filtering, and image matching solutions.

VIMA's family of products offer two functionalities: image search and image filtering (image categorization).   The search products are uniquely effective because they incorporate VIMA's patented adaptive learning and dynamic partial matching functions.   The categorization products use the most advanced machine-learning techniques so users can tune filters to their particular culture, sensitivities, and categories.

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